Small Groups

Small Groups are at the heart of who we are and what we do as a church. They are more than just midweek groups—they provide our primary pastoral care as well as being an important place of belonging. They are the starting point for us to express our common life as a church, for us to reach out to our town and district and for us to grow in our faith. They are mini-church; Christian Community in the home, workplace, or wherever else they may happen.

In a church of our size it can be difficult to feel you belong and have a part to play in the life of the church if your only point of contact is a worship service. Small Groups help bridge the gap between observation and participation. They provide people with the opportunity to discover their spiritual gifts and natural abilities and use these to serve God and his Kingdom.

Why join a Small Group?

We believe the Christian life has three clear focuses; UP, IN, OUT

UP: our relationship with God is central and essential to all we are and all we do. Small Groups provide an excellent way to develop this through worship, study and prayer.

IN: our relationship with each other is living proof we are Christ’s disciples… “by this will all people know you are my disciples; that you love one another…” Small Groups provide practical opportunities to demonstrate this through caring and sharing, through fun, fellowship and mutual accountability.

OUT: our relationship with the wider world is the main way others will come to know and trust in God. Small Groups are a crucial part of the church’s commitment to sharing faith with our town and district.

We are serious about growing people to spiritual maturity and believe the best way to achieve this is in Small Groups. The only realistic way for people to grow in their gifts is by multiplying opportunities to use them. The only realistic way to ensure our church is properly cared for is by having an effective network of Small Groups.

And the only realistic way of sharing the good news of Jesus with our town and district is by multiplying the number of people and groups who are actively reaching out. DiGs are a key part of our way of achieving this.

It is a proven fact that those regularly involved in Christian Small Groups grow many times faster and have a greater sense of connection than those that only attend the Sunday church service. Our faith is not an individualistic faith. It is meant to be experienced and expressed in community. Small Groups provide the ideal way to do this.

Balance of life

To help us achieve a better balance to our shared life, Small Groups normally meet weekly during term time and take a break during the school holidays.

We have Small Groups running nearly every day of the week at varying times of day, so if its an evening or morning which suits you best there's a Small Group that should suit. Most Small Groups are mixed in age and gender and some have a particular flavour in their outreach focus. Small Groups are where real Christian maturity can develop; a place where caring, sharing, growing, giving and supporting each other in our journey of faith happens.

To join a Small Group please contact the church office.