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Ruru class



There are two classes offered at different levels of learning, the third (advanced) class is closed to former Tūī students.


Our Beginners Class (Ruru), Working in WorkBook 1

Suits those with little or no knowledge of the language and concentrates on pronunciation, direction of speech, basic sentence structures, and some whakapapa.


Our Intermediate Class (Takahē), Working in Workbook 3

Suits those with a good knowledge of Te Reo Māori, it will be made up of past students from Ruru and Takahē,  to join this class you will need to have a good knowledge of: This Class is now Full.

personal pronouns

koe, kōroa, koutou, āhau, māua, mātou, ia, rāua, ratou


possesive pronouns,

tōku, tōu, tāku, taku, tāu, ōu āu, āku, ōku, tōna, tāna, ōna,āna


using terms of address

e hoa, whaea, e kare, e tama matua etc...


As well as,


A good knowledge of the A and O catagories

greeting people

asking and saying how you/someone is

where you/someone is from

where you/someone living now

saying your pepeha

numbers up to 20

saying goodbye

what you/someone is doing

where you/someone is going

what you/someone is going there to do

saying Yes and No

saying where someone or something is

asking and saying how old you/someone is

gathering information about whakapapa


Our Advanced Class (Tūī) Working on Self Directed Learning

Are mainly made up of past students from the last 5 years, who have worked through Workbook 1 to Workbook 9, as mentioned this class is doing self directed learning now. This Class is closed to former Tūī students only.

All classes begin and end with himene/waiata and karakia and terms 2 and 4 usually conclude with a hakari (feast).


Terms and Conditions

Important Note: We reserve the right to record and take photos during in-class and out of class activities for educational and funding purposes.

Please be aware of this before you decide to join a class, by registering for a class you agree to these terms and conditions.




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